Susan uses a variety of tests to determine which treatments will be appropriate for you. Only those tests relevant to your needs will be used.

Heavy metals. A urine sample is used to quickly identify several common metals which can accumulate in the body.

pH. A urine sample is used to identify if your body is too acidic.

Coeliac. A finger prick blood test identifies if you have coeliac disease.

Candida. A finger prick blood test identifies if you have a Candida over growth.

Iridology. By looking at the iris, noting the colour and structure, your fundamental constitution can be identified. This is a well recognised way of identifying the strengths and weakness in your body and revealing which types of illnesses you may be susceptible to. It is also a very reliable way to gauge your level of stress.

Chakra testing. A simple quick muscle test (see below for further details) reveals if there is an imbalance in any of your Chakras. This will always manifest in physical illness if not corrected.

Blood Pressure. A blood pressure tests reveals if your blood pressure is high or low.

Muscle testing

Susan uses muscle testing to ensure the most appropriate treatment is prescribed for each individual.

Muscle testing is a form of investigation which identifies your body’s inherent needs. It works by bio-feedback through your electrical circuits rather than muscle power.

Your body’s energetic fields resonate with the remedy you are holding or your thoughts. If there is an imbalance anywhere this registers as a stress causing a negative effect and the muscle being tested gives a weaker response.

This procedure can be used to test babies and children when seated upon your lap.