Naturopathy is the science of maintaining a healthy body and mind and identifying the underlying basis of why you do not feel well or energised.

It is all about finding the reason instead of simply treating the symptoms. Western medicine only looks at the symptom and prescribes a drug to stop this reaction of your body. Naturopathy looks deeper than this to the actual cause of the illness and treats the cause.

Your body is constantly trying to maintain the best health and vitality it can; it is ourselves who interfere with this process by not listening to our bodies and living an inappropriate lifestyle. Naturopathy uses a variety of different remedies to stimulate the body to heal itself.

The mind and body are intimately connected; something which affects one aspect of this dynamic balance will eventually affect the other. To maintain the best health it is essential that you take care of the mental, emotional and physical aspects of your life.

You may not know why certain types of events continually recur throughout your life, yet there is always a reason and a purpose for this. Emotional distress is very common and is very debilitating.

Susan will help you identify and resolve emotional stresses and issues which build up over your lifetime, and will educate you on how to enhance your health.

Susan believes in the body's capacity to heal itself if given the correct circumstances and environment. Her treatment regime is based on choosing the most appropriate forms of therapy for each individual that will allow healing to occur.

Susan’s treatment plans are easy to follow and all dietary advice is individually tailored to your needs and circumstances.