Susan’s Aim

I believe that each person is ultimately responsible for their health. I am passionate about educating you about the way your body works and how the mind and body are intimately connected. I will teach you how to enhance your wellbeing and provide you with the requirements to maintain vitality, so that you have the ability to completely enjoy life.

Susan offers both naturopathy and counselling in a peaceful space using a range of proven treatments.


"Hi Susan, many thanks for your wonderful wisdom and advice yesterday. I found it very grounding, you very kindly reminded me who I am!!! ...Thanks for helping me find my way." E O

"Dear Susan I can't thank you enough for the help you gave my son. He says he hasn't felt this good since he was 7. Thank you so much."  J G

"Susan thank you for your help with my hot flushes. The herbal medicine kicked in really strongly after only a couple of days. Such a relief."  C F

"Hi Susan your counselling session made so much sense to me. Now I can better understand myself and cope better with my life. It was amazing the issues you identified and unearthed. Lucky to have you. Thanks again." SK

"Susan has changed my life! I had a range of issues from extreme IBS,emotional anxiety and plans for pregnancy.Within months they were resolved & her ongoing help is invaluable. I wish i had seen her earlier!!"  LB

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Aug 2, 2015

Vaccination is a very contentious issue. This article gives some information to about the facts not publicised. Read more....

May 11, 2014

Grief is an emotion that affects all of us at some time throughout our lives. I thought it was time we talked about this overwhelming emotion and how we can best cope. read more....

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