Emotional imbalance will eventually lead to physical illness.

Many of us do not know why we feel the way we do or why certain situations keep recurring in our lives.

Susan will hear and understand your problems. It is only when you understand the root problem causing emotional unhappiness that you can effectively resolve the situation. Susan’s counseling can help you discover the underlying issues in your life and give you effective methods to clear old traumas.

Susan uses her intuititive abilities to see the base causes of your emotional or physical blocks. She is gifted in being able to find the underlying reasons and help you resolve them, so they no longer continue to direct the course of your well being.

The counseling is completely private and non-judgmental.

This is linked to Chakra balancing where appropriate.

Susan can educate you on ways to deal with your concerns and reduce the daily effects of stress.

Susan offers guidance to couples experiencing relationship problems as well as individuals. She has effectively helped people of all ages from children to the elderly.

It is never too late to address your problems and discover how to live a happier and more harmonious life.